How do I remove makeup from my sensitive skin?

Although it is absolutely essential, the step of removing makeup can weaken your sensitive skin and disrupt its natural balance. This is why it is important to adapt your makeup removal to the needs and requirements of your skin. But first, how do you know if your skin is sensitive? It is skin that, on a daily basis, can tend to be uncomfortable, or even “itchy”. It is prone to redness during temperature variations or after prolonged exposure to pollution, for example. It is more fragile skin which requires more attention during care rituals.

Small overview of the products to adopt immediately:

A safe bet for gentle make-up removal, make-up remover milk continues to have its fans. An ultra-creamy comforting texture that removes makeup without harming the skin. The +: a rich formula which leaves a moisturizing veil on the epidermis: perfect for reducing the sensations of discomfort of the most sensitive skin.

Why not let yourself be tempted by an ultra-sensory makeup remover? This is the promise of cleansing oils. With their enveloping formula and their cotton-free use, they are a delight for sensitive skin. Effective, they overcome stubborn make-ups (including waterproof), and rinse in a few seconds for perfectly clean and hydrated skin.

And of course, we no longer present the essential for any self-respecting beauty addict: micellar water. A fresh formula enriched with Micelles for instant cleansing and makeup removal. Ideal for the evening makeup removal ritual, it is also perfect for refreshing your skin and toning it upon waking. And to enjoy the benefits of micellar water even on the go, use micellar wipes!

And you, what type of makeup remover will you go for?

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