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The skin of the face is delicate and requires great attention to combat external aggressions. On a daily basis, cold, heat and even pollution weaken it and cause it to age prematurely. Because a smooth and luminous face begins with beautiful skin, discover our best facial treatments. Products with unique sensory textures that will meet all your expectations and desires. En savoir plus

Respect your face with our cosmetic products designed with natural active ingredients. From Rose Floral Water to Green Tea Extract, including Argan Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, our facial treatments each bring their benefits to your skin.

Treat yourself to a relaxing break every day by creating your own beauty routine with specific treatments designed to target your problems and gently take care of your skin. Every morning, prepare and protect your skin and give your dull complexion a boost with your evening routine. Because your face deserves the best, offer it appropriate treatments

Result: find radiant skin in just a few steps. Day after day, your complexion is more even, the texture of your skin is refined and your face is brighter.

Adopt treatments adapted to each skin type that target different problems to maintain beautiful skin. Thanks to a wide selection of moisturizers, face masks, toners, eye make-up removers, water mists and micellar waters, find your beauty allies to achieve an even complexion.

BB creams, make-up remover wipes, facial scrubs, make-up remover milks or even facial depilatory strips, take care of your face every day. Hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate and purify to reveal a radiant complexion. Your skin will regain firmness and elasticity for your greatest pleasure.

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Face Mask and Scrub

Prepare your skin with our facial scrubs enriched with exfoliating microparticles, eliminating impurities and dead cells. Then, treat it to total revitalization with our deliciously textured masks. Whatever your skin type, our masks and scrubs will meet your specific needs, whether to hydrate, purify, nourish or add radiance. Integrate these steps into your routine for perfectly purified, refined and radiant skin.

Makeup Remover and Cleanser

Treat yourself to radiantly beautiful skin every day with our makeup removers and facial cleansers. Boost the radiance of your skin when you wake up or comfort it at bedtime with our lotions, makeup removers, cleansers and micellar waters.

Facial serums

Now adopted by the majority and ultra-integrated into beauty routines, the interest of serums no longer needs to be demonstrated. These concentrated treatments offer a boost to the skin from the first application. Recognized for their effectiveness, our three Face Serums target your skin problems such as dry skin, the effects of pollution on the epidermis or even dull complexion.


Treatment Mist and Atomizer

Bring a veil of freshness to your face thanks to our treatment mists and our pure water atomizers! Full of ingredients of natural origin carefully selected to take care of your skin, they refresh your face instantly throughout the day, and give it radiance and tone in just a few seconds!

Anti-blemish treatment

Say goodbye to blackheads, clogged pores and other shine with the Anti-imperfections range! Specially developed to cleanse, limit the appearance of spots and reduce excess sebum, this range will allow you to regain flawless skin.

Face creams

Take care of your skin and protect it against daily aggressions and lack of hydration by applying expert treatments concentrated in natural active ingredients. They provide solutions adapted to your needs, whatever your skin type.

Vegetal oils

Discover the Evoluderm range of Beauty Oils, vegetable oils for the body composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin to sublimate the skin naturally.

Facial Wax Strips

Find a face with a velvety feel, and enjoy fast and long-lasting hair removal thanks to our cold wax strips. This effective method will bring you softness and comfort!

Are you in a hurry and want to remove the small, unsightly hairs on your face in a few simple steps? Opt without further delay for our depilatory strips, the assurance of perfect hair removal!


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