Discover all the sensoriality of Provence with the Marseille EVOLUDERM natural soap range

Marseille Soap , a legendary product with multiple virtues , is recognized for its richness in Vegetable Oils and Glycerin , giving it its legendary softness. Naturally scented with Olive Oil or available in delicate Mediterranean fragrances , it transports you to the heart of Provence !

Marseille soap: ancestral French know-how

An emblematic product from the South of France , Marseille soap has existed since the Middle Ages. It has become the symbol of French know-how.

In its early days, Savon de Marseille came in the form of a square bar of soap , iconic and recognizable throughout the world. It is now available in a liquid formula for simpler and hygienic use for the whole family , while retaining all its benefits.

Codified since 1812, the original manufacturing process of Marseille soap takes place in 4 stages . First the preparation of the oily base, followed by the addition of soda, then a vegetable oil, and finally the saponification process*.

However, the full recipe for Savon de Marseille still remains mysterious : it is a well-kept secret that is passed down from generation to generation !

The natural soap range from Marseille EVOLUDERM

Evoluderm unveils its new range of Natural Marseille Soaps , suitable for all skin types , even sensitive . 3 natural and vegan Body and Hand Gels, formulated with more than 97% of natural origin combining Olive Oil with Glycerin . In a generous 1 liter format , these new Made in France products will find their place in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen!

The heart of the formula

Made by a Master Soapmaker using the traditional method of saponification* by cooking in a cauldron , Marseille Evoluderm Natural Soaps are made up of more than 97% ingredients of natural origin .

At the heart of their formulas, Olive Oil and Glycerin are combined to provide comfort and well-being to the skin.

Symbol of the Mediterranean, Olive Oil is recognized for its emollient and moisturizing properties which soften , soften and give radiance . Rich in antioxidants , it protects the epidermis from external aggressions.

Resulting from the saponification* process, Glycerin is a humectant with the property of retaining several times its weight in water, which makes it an essential moisturizing active ingredient .

These 3 Natural Soaps gently cleanse the body and hands, in the pure Marseille tradition. Their light gel texture transforms into a fine foam leaving the skin subtly scented .

* Chemical reaction allowing the synthesis of soap

All the sensoriality of Provence

Marseille Evoluderm Natural Soaps are available in three scents , each more intoxicating than the last. Imagined in Grasse , the cradle of French perfumery, they transport the senses to the heart of Provence and offer a relaxing break ... Here are the 3 fragrances that will capsize your heart:

Marseille Natural Soap Orange Blossom : It offers a captivating fragrance with notes of Citrus from Petit Grain, softened by the sweetness of Honey in the base note, giving way to a delicious heart of Orange Blossom .

Natural Marseille Lavender Soap : Its fragrance is a sweet relaxing break in the heart of Provence, it is composed of a floral heart of Lavender with subtly aromatic and herbaceous notes thanks to the aromas of Coumarin , Camphor and Eucalyptol that it contains a bouquet associated with the fruity freshness of Pineapple and Orange Tree.

Natural Marseille Verbena Soap : This soap with invigorating and toning accents offers an explosion of bright and sparkling Citrus . Its fragrance with notes of Grapefruit , Orange , Mandarin and Bergamot are softened by a delicate base of Jasmine Flowers .

The illustrated designs of the soap bottles are inspired by the French Impressionist movement . They tell the story of a young woman in Provence , walking from one field of flowers to another, discovering new perfumes and horizons.


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