Evoluderm is mobilizing to meet the strong market demand for hydroalcoholic gels

For more than 15 years, Evoluderm has continued to evolve and formulate quality Made in France products at affordable prices, constantly adapting to the desires and needs of its consumers. In this context, it was therefore natural for our company to respond to the strong demand for hydroalcoholic gels. In less than two months, our French family SME was able to adapt and completely reorganize itself to give absolute priority to the production of gels while at the same time stopping that of the brand's 170 other products. This has allowed us to supply a large number of pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets as well as numerous companies in France. We were also one of the first brands to offer a hydroalcoholic gel for sale on our ESHOP.

Thank you to Le Parisien for highlighting this strategic reorientation in this interview with Gabriel and Nathalie Aiach, the founders of the brand.

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