Why exfoliate your skin before applying your face mask?

Used since Antiquity by women and men wanting to take care of themselves, the face mask is today one of the essential products in our bathroom. But if the effectiveness of the mask is no longer to be proven, one step, although essential in the beauty routine, is often neglected: that of exfoliation !

Two essential products, yes, but not in any order! Indeed, for increased effectiveness, it is important to exfoliate your skin BEFORE applying your mask.

STEP 1 : Eliminate dead cells

The epidermis - that is to say the superficial layer of our skin on which a care product acts - is made up of dead cells (the “cosmeocytes”) which form a protective skin barrier. This barrier regenerates naturally, approximately every 28 days, thanks to the desquamation process. However, with age, pollution or various problems with our skin (oily, with imperfections, dehydrated, etc.), desquamation can be disrupted, giving the skin a dull and irregular appearance. An accumulation of dead cells risks blocking your pores and causing the appearance of small imperfections.

This is where using the scrub works miracles because it allows you to deeply cleanse the skin with just a few circular massage movements. Whether by mechanical action (with grains) or chemical action (without grains), it eliminates all impurities, restoring the skin to its original softness and radiance.

Our tip?

We recommend exfoliating after your shower or after applying a warm, damp towel to your face. The heat will dilate your pores, facilitating the exfoliating action.

STEP 2 : Restore comfort to your skin and unmask your beauty!

If the exfoliation accelerates cell regeneration and cleanses the skin deeply, it also prepares it for the application of your favorite mask. Once the skin is freed of its impurities, the active ingredients present in the mask are better absorbed by the epidermis, making it more effective. Your skin thanks you!

The “team’s” tip: Favor this beauty ritual in the evening. This will allow your skin to regenerate overnight. Your complexion will be smooth and silky when you wake up!

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