Take care of your feet in 4 steps

Sometimes mishandled, often forgotten, feet nevertheless deserve our full attention. They carry us all day, sometimes make us wander for long hours, it is high time to worry about their well-being!

We reveal our simple and effective routine to show off pretty feet all summer long:

1) The ideal way to start this treatment ritual is to give yourself a well-being break by preparing a foot bath: relaxing effect guaranteed! To do this, add a few drops of massage oil to a basin of lukewarm water (not too hot, this could weaken your venous system) and immerse your feet in it... Allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation then move on to the treatment steps. .

2) Apply a fine grain scrub and gently massage your entire foot. Why exfoliate your feet? Just like the face and body, feet need to be regularly exfoliated to maintain their softness and comfort. Additionally, unsightly calluses can form, especially on the heels. A mechanical rasp is sometimes essential, but exfoliation carried out regularly allows you to maintain clean feet on a daily basis.

3) Your feet deserve their dose of comfort. To do this, apply an ultra-creamy balm texture and massage for a long time until completely absorbed. In addition to repairing cracked areas and nourishing the skin, the application process can become a real moment of relaxation. Even if it is sometimes difficult to take a break, take the time to discover the benefits of self-massage. The principle: a few simple and easy gestures to bring you real relaxation. Use a foot cream to which you can add a few drops of vegetable oil, apply to the arch of the foot, massage; then, with your two thumbs, stretch the cream towards the outside of the foot, then return to the center, and so on, adapting the level of pressure according to your sensations. Happy feet guaranteed!

4) A long day, an intense sports session, a heat wave, your feet and legs are the first to suffer. To reduce feelings of discomfort and preserve the vitality of your feet and legs, use and overuse refreshing gels with an “ice cube effect” texture that instantly relaxes you. The right gestures: apply a generous dab to each of the soles of the feet, massage them then move up towards the legs using movements from bottom to top to promote the activation of blood circulation, and thus reduce the feeling of heavy legs.

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