Argan Oil, this ancient treasure from the Orient

In all the beauty kits of Moroccan women there is the legendary Argan Oil. This “green gold of the desert”, a true elixir for the hair fiber, has been known for centuries for its nourishing and regenerating properties. It delights very dry and damaged hair. Discover this oil with a thousand and one virtues to repair and strengthen your hair!

Give your hair a moment of divine care with a hair routine rich in Argan Oil!

Step 1: Repair Intensely

Ideal for hair in need of an intense dose of nutrition, Argan Divin Pre-Shampoo Oil is applied to dry hair. Thanks to its film-forming action, which limits water loss, it will protect the hair fiber. The minimum break time is around ten minutes but you can leave this oil on for several hours or even overnight if you feel that your hair needs it. To rinse it, use your usual shampoo and do not hesitate to rinse it a second time if necessary.

Step 2: Clean Effectively

Argan Oil is ideal for dry and damaged hair thanks to its nourishing properties. Test the Divine Argan Shampoo which will envelop your hair in its creamy foam to restore strength and shine. Your hair is revitalized and incomparably supple.

Step 3: Instantly Detangle OR Deeply Nourish

Adopt the Argan Divin Conditioner for express care and instant detangling or prefer the Argan Divin Hair Mask to offer an extra dose of nutrition to your hair. Thanks to the perfect combination of Argan Oil and Shea Butter, your hair is soft and supple as never before, deliciously scented with intoxicating notes. To alternate according to your needs (and desires!).

Step 4: Style Easily

Final step in your ritual with the Argan Divin Length and End Treatment and its irresistibly melting texture. It intensely coats the hair fiber from lengths to ends, deeply repairs very dry and damaged hair and makes it radiant with beauty.

Beauty tip : to prevent your hair from drying out, start by rinsing it with lukewarm water then finish rinsing with cold water. This helps tighten the scales, smooth the cuticle and thus make your hair shinier! Also avoid using devices at too high a temperature when drying to avoid damaging them.

Did you know ?

Argan Oil is taken from the argan tree, a tree from southwest Morocco, also called “the tree of a thousand virtues”. It takes around 40 kg of fruit to produce one liter of oil. Thus, annual production does not exceed 4,000 tonnes. Each year, an argan tree produces between 12 and 30 kg of fruit, which makes Argan Oil both rare and precious!


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