Does your skin shine in the morning on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin)? Are your pores enlarged? Have small comedones taken up residence on your face? We explain why and how to overcome it!

What is blemished skin?

Associated with combination to oily skin, skin with imperfections poorly regulates its sebum production, which encourages the development of impurities.

These are in fact the sebaceous glands, present within the dermis, which secrete sebum through the pores of the skin. This has the role of forming a lipid film which protects the epidermis from drying out and microbes. When the skin secretes excessively, pores become clogged, sebum accumulates and impurities such as pimples and blackheads can appear.

Several external factors favor the appearance of these, such as a polluted environment, inappropriate skin care, an unbalanced diet, a period of stress or fatigue... But don't panic! To remedy this, here are our expert advice and beauty tips that will make you say goodbye to imperfections!

The perfect routine to get rid of pimples!

Having clear skin means above all knowing how to take care of it with the right reflexes. Be careful, a recurring mistake is to use aggressive products composed of irritating ingredients, which often worsen the problem more than they solve it!

Contrary to popular belief, you should not strip your skin when cleansing and/or exfoliating, as this risks damaging it and drying it out. This leads to an overproduction of sebum to reform the protective lipid film that has been damaged, and ultimately, the development of more spots. The skin remains sensitive, so it is advisable to pamper it gently, and above all to use appropriate care. Don’t forget either that “all good things come to those who wait”! Skin cell renewal is a cycle lasting 21 days. So, if you want to permanently get rid of the little flaws that ruin your life, your routine must be long-lasting and regular. Patience is the key word for real results!

The right actions to go on the counter-attack and knock out your imperfections!

Step 1: We clean gently

Daily cleansing is essential to rid your skin of excess sebum, makeup residue and pollution that clog pores. Use an exfoliating cleansing gel morning and evening to eliminate impurities and dead cells accumulated on the epidermis. Thorough cleansing frees clogged pores and is an essential first step towards clearer, fresher skin.

Step 2: We purify in depth

To boost cell renewal and help your skin effectively regulate its sebum production, complete your routine with a mask once a week (no more!). This helps to deeply unclog pores and eliminate small dead cells from the face. Prefer a mask enriched with Clay, whose richness in minerals and absorbent properties allow it to capture sebum and germs without altering the skin.

Step 3: We refine our skin texture

After cleansing, your pores are freed of impurities and can be tightened. Use a purifying lotion enriched with astringent active ingredients (Zinc, Salicylic Acid), which helps tighten them and thus reduce sebum secretion. Applied morning and evening after your cleansing gel, the lotion prevents impurities from accumulating on your face.

Step 4: Don't forget to hydrate

All skin, even the oiliest, needs its dose of hydration, especially after cleansing which thins the protective lipid film on its surface. After the lotion, finish your routine with a mattifying moisturizer, which fills the epidermis with water and helps prevent dryness and imperfections.

What makeup for skin with imperfections?

Choose light makeup that hides your imperfections while letting the skin breathe. A tinted cream, such as a BB Cream, is recommended because it is lighter than a foundation, and hides imperfections very naturally without suffocating pores.

Good reflexes for beautiful skin

  • Removing makeup : a key step that will allow an initial cleansing of the skin's surface and remove all traces of impurities. So no excuses, give yourself 5 minutes every evening for a perfectly clean face protected from imperfections!
  • Drink water : and yes, skin lacking water is skin prone to problems! It is therefore essential to hydrate throughout the day to absorb and evacuate toxins from your body, but also to nourish the dermis from the inside. Drink especially when you are not thirsty because after that it is already too late.
  • Do not touch your face : during your day, avoid mistreating your skin or your imperfections, at the risk of making them worse. This non-action will limit the transfer of bacteria and the development of nasty spots, your skin will thank you!
  • Clean your makeup accessories : at least once a week, clean your accessories (brushes, sponges, etc.) to prevent them from turning into nests of bacteria ready to form pretty blackheads on your face.
  • Eating well : beauty also (and above all!) comes from within. Opt for a healthy and balanced diet which will allow you to slow down the appearance of pimples, in addition to giving you more radiant skin.

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