A wave of freshness and vitality comes to your face!

Coming from Asia, the trend for facial care mists has recently become part of beauty routines around the world. They now occupy your bathroom drawers and take their place aboard your beauty bags!

Facial mists, the new step in your “beauty routine”?

Formulated with an aqueous base, the new generation mists are full of active care ingredients to provide the dermis with new benefits. Thanks to their portable and practical format, they are easy to use and can be carried anywhere to accompany you day after day. They become THE multi-action beauty gesture which, in addition to refreshing, hydrates, nourishes, soothes, sets makeup, etc. depending on your skin's needs.

Smarter than classic water misters, these mists contain targeted active ingredients suitable for all skin types to meet every need. Pulling sensations? Choose a treatment mist with hydrating active ingredients based on Glycerin, and your skin will be soft and comfortable. Need a boost? Prefer revitalizing active ingredients like Sea Salts to restore energy to the epidermis. Skin lacking radiance? To illuminate it, choose a formula enriched with antioxidants for a radiant effect and an even complexion. To rejuvenate and regenerate the skin, anti-aging active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid compensate for the loss of water in the epidermis and fill it with hydration.

Complementary, they can also be combined or used in turn to adapt daily to the changing needs of your skin.

When to use a water mist?

  • Wake-up beauty : a fine mist when you wake up is ideal for toning the skin after a night's sleep. To optimize the effectiveness of your day cream, spray a few drops before applying it to facilitate its penetration and action.
  • Make-up time : after makeup, spray 30 cm from the face to improve its hold and give it radiance.
  • 3 p.m.: refreshing break! Enjoy the benefits of the mist at any time of the day, whenever your skin feels the need.
  • Sleepy mood : after removing make-up, spray a few drops on your face to eliminate the last residue of make-up remover then apply your night treatment.

Tip from the team : after showering, spray it on the face to remove the last residue of limescale, then pat gently with a cotton pad or a clean towel.

How to use water mist?

A few fine sprays on the face and neck are enough to provide a caring effect and immediate freshness. In just a few seconds, the micro-droplets penetrate easily. For instant penetration, use light strokes.

Tips : For an intense freshness effect, place the treatment mist in the refrigerator.

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