For almost 15 years, Evoluderm has been a pretty Parisian brand that nothing can stop! Always attentive to the latest developments and trends in hygiene and beauty, this French family SME created in 2004 is bubbling with energy, joie de vivre and ambition. The ambition to create quality products that always better meet the desires of its consumers. The ambition to promote “Made in France” internationally with a presence on 4 continents, in more than 60 countries. The ambition to position itself at the fairest price to be accessible to all.

Our beautiful story, a true story

Originally, Evoluderm was a tandem: Nathalie, the bubbly and curious about everything, and Gabriel, the entrepreneur.
Gabriel Aiach, who has always been in the beauty industry, started in the family cosmetics subcontracting factory, located in the Paris region. He then manufactured products for many brands there, from the most prestigious to the most popular. In the 1980s, he bought a cosmetology laboratory and developed the formulas for his clients' hygiene and care products.
A few years later, he met Nathalie, intuitive and in love with creation. This enthusiast decides to join him in this adventure.
At the beginning of the 2000s, the desire to take off and give birth to their own brand came to them: a brand that resembles them, products that they themselves would like to use. They created Evoluderm: a “Made in France” brand of quality, sensory and accessible to all.

Evoluderm, a name that makes sense

The name of the brand, a contraction of Evolution and “Derm”, is no coincidence.

Why “Evolution”? Because it is a brand that is constantly renewing itself, a company in perpetual motion. Complementary, the two founders are in constant emulation and exchange, in turn driving change. Dynamic, reactive, the teams are constantly on the lookout to anticipate the new desires of their customers. Over the years, the offer has continued to evolve: originally from hygiene products, Evoluderm has become a global beauty brand, with increasingly expert and innovative treatments, formulas of more and more specific adapted to different types of skin, hair and complexions. Evoluderm is for everyone. At the same time, the company has evolved because it has strongly developed in exports: after France, Europe, then Africa, the Middle East and today Asia.
Why “Derm”? A contraction of “derma” which means “skin” in ancient Greek, care is at the heart of the brand’s offering and DNA. It is expressed through more than 120 references divided into 20 categories. 30% are renewed each year to satisfy all beauty desires. Young girls, active women, babies, Evoluderm takes care of the whole family, all families.

And tomorrow ?

Continue to grow this beautiful brand that has changed their lives, continue to give their consumers as much pleasure as they had in creating and evolving it, continue international expansion as an engine of growth.