Our CSR commitments

When we love everyday life, we protect it, we defend it.

When Gabriel and I created EVOLUDERM in 2004, naturalness was at the heart of the brand's DNA. We wanted to create Made in France products accessible to formulas of natural and vegan origin , without compromising on effectiveness and sensoriality.

Evoluderm means personally committing ourselves, today and tomorrow, to more responsible beauty

Founder of Evoluderm

Made in France, a real pride

Creating, designing and manufacturing our products in France, this choice was obvious to us from the start. We do not put any pricing constraints on formulas or packaging when we start to design a new product. And, even if this positioning is a daily challenge, it is our greatest pride and also a real difference for the brand on the market. As an international brand, Evoluderm promotes its expertise in “French-style” natural care and beauty throughout the world.

We communicate on Made in France but we could even say Made in “Ile de France” since our production network and our suppliers are located within a 70 km radius of our head office. Local is therefore possible even for an international brand like ours!

And to highlight the French origin of our products and guide our consumers, we have decided to affix the French flag on our packaging.

Naturalness at the heart of our formulas

Since the launch of the brand, naturalness has always been an essential criterion for us and a constantly renewed inspiration for the formulation and design of our products.

Aloe Vera, Clay, Monoï, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil… Our internal R&D laboratory selects new ingredients of natural origin every day based on their effectiveness but also for their sensoriality. Techniques, recognized for generations and often inviting you to travel, more than a hundred ingredients of natural origin are today listed and used in our formulas.

Since 2019, we have established a demanding “formulation charter” which prohibits the use of certain ingredients such as parabens, endocrine disruptors (EDTA, BHA, BHT, etc.) and the presence of a maximum of 4 allergens in our formulas. To go further and remain faithful to our values, we have since formulated all our new products with a minimum rate of 95% natural origin. For greater transparency, the naturalness rate of our formulas now appears on all of our packaging.

Our ambition for 2025: greener beauty!
Within 3 years, we are committed to achieving 95% natural origin on 90% of our offer via our new products on the one hand but also thanks to the reformulation of our historical products.

Respect for animal welfare

Today, 85% of our catalog is vegan. The remaining 15% are formulated with ingredients of animal origin, mainly beeswax, honey or silk.

Since 2020, we have been committed to products that respect our VEGAN charter:
- reformulation or new formulas, our products are without ingredients of animal origin.
- the formulas are not tested on animals.

Evolving means trying to be better every day. To make this commitment stronger, we have decided to stop or reformulate all of our non-vegan products in our R&D laboratory to offer a 100% vegan offer in 2025.

As with the level of naturalness, we now guide our consumers by affixing the VEGAN logo to our packaging.

Eco-responsibility, at the center of our strategy

Beyond naturalness and veganism, sustainable beauty also means, for Gabriel and I, adopting more sustainable practices and putting eco-responsibility at the heart of our development processes.

Faced with environmental challenges, Made in France and therefore “local” production is the cornerstone of our commitment, with a network of factories and suppliers close to us, in Ile de France. Since 2017, Evoluderm has also been committed thanks to its generous formats - 1L and 500 ml - thus making it possible to reduce plastic consumption by reducing the frequency of purchase. In addition, we are currently working on replacing these bottles with lighter recyclable packaging, which will allow a 10% reduction in our plastic consumption by the end of 2022.

Our goal for 2023: 80% of our packs will be 100% recyclable.

And then, as entrepreneurs, we implement concrete actions every day: limit excess packaging as much as possible (no plastic film, no paper instructions and 95% of our products without a case), favor maritime transport, more ecological, for the distribution of our products for export or even replacing pumps with service capsules sourced in France when possible. For companies as for each of us, we are convinced that beyond the strategic axes, it is also the small gestures that can change things.

An organization to guarantee the quality and performance of our products

At the start of the Evoluderm adventure, it was just Gabriel and me! Since then, the company has grown significantly and has more than 40 employees... This strong evolution, over the years, has required a profound transformation of the organization and processes.

This is why, since 2014, all our products have been formulated in-house thanks to the creation of our R&D laboratory. This allows us to control the product life cycle from A to Z, from its development to its marketing. Our products are manufactured in compliance with European Regulations on cosmetic products, one of the most demanding in the world, and under the supervision of our integrated Regulatory & Quality Control department. Thanks to compliance with the ISO 22716 standard by all production sites for our products, we guarantee their quality in terms of production, control, storage and shipping.

To measure the performance of your formulas, all our clinical tests are entrusted to independent laboratories complying with Good Laboratory Practices, thus guaranteeing optimal quality and tolerance.

In addition, since 2019, the Evoluderm company is proud to have obtained ISO 9001 certification, a real challenge for an SME of our size, and a further step for us in the aim of satisfying our customers and partners.