Coconut Oil: a miraculous oil

This oil transports you to the islands thanks to its exotic and delicious smell, its texture is soft and refreshing, it is used both in cosmetics and in cooking... Did you recognize it? Today we are revealing to you all the secrets of Coconut Oil, a wonderful oil that will delight your senses as much as your skin and hair.

Ready for takeoff ?

Coconut: a multifaceted fruit

Coconut, also called Cocos Nucifera , is an exotic fruit from the Coconut tree which grows naturally in tropical heat. It is found in regions close to the Equator in South East Asia, Africa and Polynesia.

Known to be a hard-shelled fruit, Coconut contains a multitude of active ingredients such as softening Coconut Pulp, thirst-quenching Coconut Water, nourishing Coconut Milk and even moisturizing Coconut Oil.

The latter is obtained by pressing the coconut flesh. This unique manufacturing process reveals “Virgin” Coconut Oil: a 100% natural vegetable oil. Thanks to cold pressing, Coconut Oil will retain all its nutrients and virtues, unlike hot pressing which may slightly modify its benefits.

A multi-purpose vegetable oil

Used for generations by women around the world, Coconut Oil can be used both in cosmetics and in cooking thanks to the active ingredients and nutrients it contains. It is in fact mainly composed of essential saturated fatty acids (with emollient and moisturizing properties) and vitamins (such as the antioxidant Vitamin E).

This oil is a true miracle product which is sufficient in itself and whose uses are diverse and varied.

Coconut oil is mainly recognized for its protective action. It forms a film on the skin as well as on the hair fiber which acts as a “barrier” against external aggressions (cold, dryness, heat from the hairdryer, etc.).

It restores vitality and beauty to your skin thanks to its nourishing, softening and enhancing properties. It can be applied from head to toe:

  • On the face, as a moisturizer, makeup remover or night balm;
  • On the body, as a nourishing lotion or soothing after-sun solution;
  • On the feet, to reduce feelings of heating and areas of dryness.

Your hair is not left out! Coconut Oil restores strength and radiance thanks to its repairing and moisturizing properties. It can be used all over the hair to strengthen, repair and soften it:

  • As a pre-shampoo oil to moisturize and protect the hair fiber;
  • As a mask to intensely and deeply nourish the hair (leave on for at least 1 hour);
  • A dose of hydration to give hair a boost of shine at any time of the day.

The Beauty Tip:

Apply your Coconut Oil all over your hair and leave for a few hours (or even overnight!) by wrapping it with a warm towel. This technique will improve the penetration and action of the treatment: your hair will be even softer and silkier. 😉

The little extra: enjoy a refreshing Coconut Water while your treatment is applied, for a moment of ultimate relaxation!

Coconut Oil has not yet revealed all its secrets to you. It can be combined with other products in your bathroom to improve their benefits:

  • Add a few drops of Coconut Oil to your shampoo to increase its moisturizing action.
  • Add a hint of this miraculous oil to your body scrub, to protect the epidermis and provide an immediate soft skin effect.
  • More surprisingly, Coconut Oil, recognized as a whitening active ingredient, can be used in combination with your toothpaste to whiten teeth and reveal a radiant smile!

Discover our Evoluderm Organic* Virgin* Coconut Oil

100% of natural origin and obtained thanks to the cold pressing of Coconut Pulp, our new Organic* Virgin* Coconut Oil can be used on the face, body and hair: it nourishes and enhances while delivering a soft natural coconut scent.

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The Coco Tip 🥥:

Highly natural, our Organic* Virgin* Coconut Oil can freeze below 20°. If this happens to you, don't panic: run the bottle under a stream of hot water and the texture will magically become liquid again! 💧

*99.9% organic virgin Coconut Oil.