The sun, the heat, the chlorine... In summer your hair is constantly abused. In addition, during the holidays we often abandon our usual care routine to let our hair live its life. And since it's out of the question to go back to school with depressed hair, here are some tips to bring it back to life in just 3 steps:

I. Overuse the oil bath

If your hair looks so rough, it's because it lacks lipids, its scales are doing what they want and your hair remains impassively dull. Treat it to ultra-intense treatment by wrapping it in vegetable oil: hair resurrection guaranteed! Choose an oil rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids which will intensely nourish the hair fiber. The ideal: an Argan Oil which is suitable for all hair types and which provides effective protection against aggression. How ? Apply from lengths to ends to dry hair, leave for ten minutes (overnight if your hair needs intense treatment), then, upon waking up, shampoo with your usual shampoo. The right dose? 5 to 6 presses for mid-length hair. Add 2 doses for long hair. No need to overdose, the nourishing effect will not be increased tenfold.

II. Apply a suitable mask

Long or short, colored or not, your hair deserves appropriate care. Use a hair mask at least once a week to deeply rejuvenate your hair. Choose rich and creamy textures to nourish them intensely. First apply your shampoo in the shower. You will thus take advantage of the application time of your body products to leave your mask on. The right gesture: on clean, towel-dried hair, apply a generous dose to the ends then, using a wide-toothed comb, move the mask up the lengths, this will then make detangling easier.

III. Adopt a daily moisturizer

Just like your face, your hair needs a daily dose of hydration. To tame frizz, repair ends or enhance shine, apply a small amount of treatment to damp or dry hair, then distribute by hand. The texture instantly blends into the hair fiber and leaves it perfectly silky. Easy to detangle and style, your hair regains its natural beauty.

Your hair is ready for a beautiful start!