Founder of Evoluderm, Nathalie Aiach is a passionate person who lives and breathes for her company and her brand. She embodies and describes it perfectly.

Can you tell us about Evoluderm?

For Gabriel, my husband, and I, Evoluderm is like one of our children, we put all our hearts into it. We have always worked in cosmetics, since we previously manufactured for other brands. When we decided to launch ours, we wanted above all to create a beautiful French brand, qualitative while remaining accessible to everyone. A brand we would be proud of. This is why we manufacture in France and we do not put any price constraints on the formulas or packaging when we start to design a new product. For my part, I like to look for noble and natural ingredients, such as shea, argan or precious oils. Our packaging must be colorful and beautiful, so that our customers want to touch it, but also be proud to display it in their bathroom. And finally that they are generous, in shapes and formats, so that the whole family benefits. I am very demanding about the quality of the formulas and the aesthetics of the products. And I would never put a product in the store that I wouldn't use myself.

Is this your role in the company?

Since the beginning, I have taken care of the creation of the products. As I am extremely curious, I spend my time observing the market, looking at all the products that are coming out and also what is happening on social networks in terms of cosmetics. I sniff out trends. This way, I can see what consumers are looking for, which constantly gives me ideas, both for the type of products needed and the visual creation. At the beginning, Gabriel formulated the products, and I designed the packaging. Today we are more structured. We have an integrated research and development laboratory and creative studio.

Have you left this mission to others?

No way ! I have 20,000 ideas per minute, I couldn't keep them to myself! Let's say that I have a slightly more detached eye, a more global look. So, I work hand in hand with the Marketing department. Every morning, I go to the laboratory, I test each formula test, each perfume test, even the most improbable ones! My bathroom is filled with small vials and pots of products being developed… But above all, I can't help but stay close to the visual creation. There's nothing I love more than being in the design studio. Sometimes I can sit for a few hours next to one of the creatives, we grope around, we look together for a typography, a color, an image.

How do you operate?

Above all, I am intuitive. I feel things, and as a result, it is not always easy for me to transcribe them precisely in words. But I know what I want and don't want. And as I am pugnacious, when I don't “feel” a creation, I can have it reworked again and again until I am sure that it corresponds to my vision of Evoluderm and its evolution in the future. Because if our brand is called “Evolu”derm, it’s because it is constantly evolving. She's like me actually. I like to be in action, to have things move, to be in perpetual motion.

What are the influences that guide you?

For the creation of the products themselves, constant exchanges with customers and the sales team are very important. It is by listening to them that we get the best real-world experience, that we can understand what today's consumer expects and needs. Travel is also a great source of inspiration. It's one of the things I love the most. They leave beautiful colors in my head, beautiful encounters with people. I never come back from a trip indifferent. I always bring back new ideas (products, ingredients, benefits, etc.).

What touch do you like to put on the products you create?

I like modernity and simplicity. It is important to me that each of our ranges has its own universe, its specific design and its own identity. We play on contrasts, white, bright or pastel colors, we bring a graphic element which will create a “twist”, like on our Surgras range where we introduced fluorescent while placing it in the world of parapharmacy. It's this detail that can change everything, make all the difference. Sometimes I stay there, I don't say anything, I observe, and my teams, who know me well, know that there is a little thing that we haven't found yet and that I'm going to stay until what we find. I never get angry, because conflict leads to nothing. I stand there, saying, “Don’t worry”, it will take time, but we will get there.

Do you also run Evoluderm’s social networks?

I love that ! Like many people, I am permanently connected on my Smartphone, which allows me to see in real time everything that is said about the brand. I'm over the moon every time I discover a post from an influencer or a new article about us. I am constantly looking for new ideas to make the brand present, visible, alive. This brings me a lot of pleasure!

You obviously like to work in a good mood…

Our company is our second home, and the employees are like family. We are still a human-sized company. So every morning, I go to each office, I say hello to everyone. I like to smile and work in a good mood. I laugh all the time, because I'm lucky enough to love what I do and the people I do it with. Besides, I can only imagine working in a team. The opinion of our employees is essential to move forward. Because here, there are no bosses and employees. Everyone is a source of ideas, brings their contribution and moves the brand forward. It is essential that the feeling passes with the people around me, that the collaborators are happy, that the trust is total and reciprocal. Because I feed on this to be creative and thus I can transmit my desire to create to my teams. It seems that my energy and good humor are infectious. So much the better !