Shea Butter

It's hard to do without it!

Considered the number 1 beauty ally, its many virtues no longer need to be proven. It is essential for dry skin and a real daily treatment that is suitable for the whole family. Increasingly used in cosmetics, Shea Butter stands out from other ingredients thanks to its many beneficial properties and in particular for its antioxidant action. Do you want to know more about this beauty spot? Follow us !

The origin of Shea Butter

Considered a 100% natural ingredient , Shea Butter has been recognized for millennia for its benefits. Coming from the sacred Shea tree , it is nicknamed “Butter Seed” for its exceptional virtues on the skin. Nourishing , hydrating , protective , it regenerates skin weakened by external aggressions and helps fight against irritation and stretch marks. Originally coveted by African women, Shea is used as a care product, also helps prevent the first signs of skin aging and helps the skin maintain all its elasticity.

The perfect beauty ally, in all seasons

Rich in Vitamins A, D, E and F , Shea Butter promises silky skin in all seasons and demonstrates its benefits on a daily basis without leaving a greasy film when applied. Acting as an anti-chapping shield in cold weather, it intensely protects and repairs ; in summer, it soothes and softens the skin against dryness caused by sun damage. Legend even says that the Queen of Egypt Nefertiti owed her great beauty to him.

As well recognized for its bodily virtues, Shea Butter is also the perfect ally for hydrating hair . Intensely nourished and protected, hair regains all its original beauty.

We tell you again, it's difficult to do without it, isn't it?

Did you know ?

Shea Butter is extracted from the fruits of the Shea tree, a tree growing only in the wild in the wooded savannahs of West and Central African countries. The almonds from the fruits are transformed into a kneaded paste. No less than 20 kilos of Shea fruit are necessary to obtain 1 kilo of butter. The tree gives its first fruits only at the age of 15 and can live up to 300 years.

The Evoluderm Shea Delight Range

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