Fabric mask: essential for beauty rituals

What is a fabric mask?

The sheet mask trend comes straight from Korean beauty rituals. These masks are cut to the shape of the face or part of it to be able to follow its contours like a second skin during their application. They are made of ultra-fine fibers, most often natural such as bamboo, organic cotton, Lyocell® (from wood), viscose, etc. As soft as silk, they are perfectly suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive. They serve as supports for the impregnation of cosmetic treatments which they absorb. The principle is to introduce active substances onto the skin by saturation once placed on the face and deliver the benefit of the active ingredients to the skin. If the mask is not prepreg, it can then be washed with soap and water and can be reused several times depending on its material.

Is it the same as a soaked mask? than an impregnated mask? Otherwise explain the difference.

An impregnated mask is simply a fabric mask soaked in the right dose of lotion, or serum containing different types of active ingredients to meet any type of need. It generally comes in the form of a single package and is single-use, cannot be washed or reused. The amount of weekly treatment serum in a single application!

What are the different benefits of a sheet mask for facial skin?

The benefits of a fabric mask are multiple and depend on the lotion or serum present in the mask formulation: hydration, firmness, radiance, oxygenation, detox, anti-fatigue, etc. All you have to do is choose according to your desires and the needs of your skin!

How do these single-use treatments work?


Whether they are already impregnated or not, sheet masks work like treatment boosters with flash results in just a few minutes.

First of all, it is important to apply the mask to makeup-free, cleansed and ideally exfoliated skin to optimize the absorption of the skincare active ingredients.

Unfold the mask, apply it to your face and adjust it to its contours. The exposure time will allow the mask to diffuse the liquid in which it is soaked and the skin to absorb it. The exposure time is generally 10 to 20 minutes for optimal action.

Do not exceed the indicated application time to prevent the mask from drying! As it is made of fabric, it would start to reabsorb all the hydration that you have just offered to your epidermis...

Once the mask is removed, do not rinse! Massage the face in circular movements then use a cotton pad to remove any excess.

How often can we use them?

Once or twice a week after a gentle exfoliation, not hesitating to vary the type of mask and its benefit. Your skin will be satisfied!

What are the differences between a fabric mask and a gel mask?

There are several types of so-called “gel” masks. The principle is the same as for a fabric mask since they are impregnated with a care solution. Only the material of the support is different. They are in fact made up of a gel layer sheet containing a set of active ingredients and nutrients. This material, generally known as “hydrogel”, makes it possible in particular to preserve the humidity level of the mask, thus giving it a second skin effect. Once applied, the mask has excellent adhesion to the skin and does not move. It thus guarantees contact of the active ingredients and their perfect absorption by the epidermis. It offers the same type of benefit as prepreg fabric masks. The exposure time can thus be extended to 30 or even 45 minutes. Ideal for a long moment of relaxation or a weekend! Conversely, other gel masks are “airtight” and therefore do not allow an exchange of active ingredients between the mask and the skin. They can either be heated or cooled before being applied to the face. For this type of product, the main benefits are a firming (via cold) or relaxing (via heat) action on the facial features.

This is therefore more of a mechanical effect on the surface of the epidermis than a real skincare benefit.

Do you have a comment/advice to add?

Some tips and advice to increase the effectiveness of your mask. The effect of the mask is most optimal in the evening before bedtime. For greater effectiveness and a fresh toning effect, you can place the impregnated fabric or gel mask in the refrigerator for around ten minutes before use. Right after removing the mask, use a jade facial roller to massage excess serum into your skin in circular motions from the inside out to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Focus on the eye area to eliminate dark circles and bags.

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